BUFU T-Shirts 'for the love of design'

I think everyone is familiar with FUBU (for us by us) brand clothing right? Well we have taken our love of designing t-shirts into a different direction with what we're calling BUFU (by us for us). This roughly translates into the making of t-shirts for the sole purpose of our own personal enjoyment, which seems to be rare in this day in age. Not to be completely greedy with our creations, occasionally the designs we print are distributed to friend and clients we think would appreciate our efforts.

We've been contacted a few times here and there about buying a printing of one of our shirts. Sadly we're not in the market to sell our t-shirts, although you might have a pretty good chance of getting one if you become either a client or friend of Added Sugar Media.

Featured Designs

jason landry photographer Jason Landry - Photographer
onuko sushi restaurant Onuko - Sushi Restaurant
minsitry of sound cd designr Ministry of Sound CD Design